Sea 100 Mango Menthol 4 Pods



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Sea Mango Menthol Pods Features:

  • JUUL compatible pods
  • 1ml pods
  • Nicotine salt formula
  • Pack of four

Package contents:

Sea Pods Mango Menthol 4ct – JUUL Compatible Pods

Each Sea100 Pod contains 1mL of eJuice with 5% salt nic by weight

When a manufacturer sets out to mix two flavors, it always embarks on a journey that either swings toward success or toward failure. The SEA Pods, in this case, have rung the bells of success with their highly appetizing Mango Menthol concoction.

This blend saves the palate by combining a tropical goodness with the cool spirit of mint, sufficient to override any previous leftover taste that would absolutely deemed inferior anyway. Enjoy the mild, yet pronounced power of this deliciousness thanks to a 50mg/5% nicotine strength supply, delivering a powerful enough punch to quench all of your cravings without overpowering you palate. Each concoction is filled into conveniently sized 1mL bottles in order to optimize your convenience.


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