Mr Fog Strawberry + Peach 4 Pods




Mr Fog Strawberry + Peach 4 Pods


Package contents:

Mr Fog Strawberry + Peach 4 Pods – Replacement Pods for JUUL

Each Mr Fog pod contains 1mL of eJuice with 6% nicotine by weight.

If we can bring into fruition the delivery of one type of flavor amalgamation out of a plethora of choices, our first preference would be a commingle between the strawberry and a peach. No, this is not about an advertising scheme; it’s about balance, and the palate enjoys balance just as much as your work schedule. Picture an equilibrium struck between a predominantly sour berry and an exceedingly sweet fruit. This will allow for the MR FOG Strawberry Peach blend to work every angle on all types of flavor receptors in the palate, leaving none behind. When you compound this balanced recipe with a 6% nicotine strength, you really get the feeling behind what it is like to kill two birds with one stone. Besides the delectable balance in flavor, you get a much longed for treatment for your nicotine cravings. So, what could possibly be better than this? Buy Mr Fog Strawberry + Peach 4 Pods Online

Price Per Pod: $2.74


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