Mr Fog Blueberry + Cherry 4 Pods




Mr Fog Blueberry + Cherry 4 Pods


Package contents:

Mr Fog Pods Blueberry & Cherry 4Ct – Replacement Pods for JUUL

Each pod contains 1mL of eJuice with 6% nicotine by weight

Mr FOG Pods Blueberry & Cherry Features:

  • JUUL Compatible Pods
  • 1ml per pod
  • Nicotine salt formula
  • Pack of four

Enter the world of tart. MR FOG Pods Blueberry Cherry is designed to show off the dimension of piquancy and pungency, a place where senses get jolted awake and instantaneously taken out for a sensual roller coaster ride. From a rich tasting, bitter but mildly sweet blueberry to the sweet and tart cherry, this blend actually augments the perception of tartness due to the flavor profile of the blueberry. They’ve mixed the two berries perfectly in order to engender a recipe that even the palates with the worst associative memories would not forget. Each 1mL pod contains 6% nicotine, a rating that allows some senses that have established themselves with the basics of smoking or vaping to traverse terrains of stronger buzzes. Buy Mr Fog Blueberry + Cherry 4 Pods Online

Price Per Pod: $2.74


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