Juul Glacier Mint Pods


  • JUULPod cartridge for the JUUL E-Cigarette Device
  • Pack of 4 JUULPods in a Glacier Mint flavour
  • Each JUULPod contains 0.7ml of liquid
  • Each JUUL Pod contains a nicotine strength of 18mg


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Juul Glacier Mint Pods for sale 

JUUL Glacier Mint Pods 18mg (Pack of 4 Refill Cartridges)
The JUUL Glacier Mint JUUL Pods 18mg (Pack of 4 Refill Cartridges) is designed for use with the JUUL E-Cigarette Device. Four plug-and-play JUUL Pod cartridges are provided in a traditional Glacier Mint flavour with an 18mg strength.

Key Features of the JUUL Glacier Mint JUUL Pod Cartridge
JUUL JUUL Pod cartridge designed for use with the JUUL E-Cigarette Device
Designed for adult smokers looking to transition to vaping
The JUUL ingredients accommodate cigarette-like nicotine levels, ideal for current smokers looking to begin vaping
Easy plug-and-play design for simple and easy changing of cartridges

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