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While our diverse lineup of Logic vape pens and cartomizers will remain our business’ bread and butter, we’re expanding our product selection to include EonSmoke, JUUL Compatible PODS, EonSmoke Disposable electronic cigarettes and the EonSmoke JUUL Compatible Device.

After extensive research, we’re offering this new line of JUUL compatible PODS because we see that vapers love it for its powerful and smooth 6% salt nicotine hit. Offering 15 delicious flavors, including Pineapple, Lush Ice, Pink Lemonade and Mango, this revolutionary, smoking alternative is a contemporary way to refashion your vaping into something pleasurably diverse.

The power of additional choices is almost as intoxicating as EonSmoke’s incredible flavors. Iloveecigs.com is proud to offer the best prices available online for the EonSmoke, JUUL Compatible Product line. This beginners guide will highlight some historical and developmental details behind EonSmoke and how it’s challenging the most popular vape manufacturer in the country, JUUL Labs.

What is JUUL Labs?

JUUL Labs is the biggest name in electronic cigarettes today. Known for offering a    vaping experience that mimics the sensation of cigarette smoking, for ex-smokers, this popular e-cigarette brand uses cartridges, also called JUUL pods, that are packed with salt nicotine from leaf tobacco to a create a new e-cig that was unlike others in the market.

These pods are offered in a diverse selection of mid to lower level nicotine strengths, including 3% and 5%. Buy EonSmoke JUUL compatible pods Near Me

How does EonSmoke fit into the mix?

EonSmoke has been developing JUUL compatible pods since 2017, offering a wider selection of flavors at a competitive, budget-friendly cost. In 2018 they improved their signature recipe in order to offer 6% and 6.8% nicotine salts in their pods rather than their original 4%.

The change introduced a more intense and real experience for vapers, with an added vibrancy to the flavors and a smoothness in the nicotine quality hit and vaping sensation. Order EonSmoke JUUL compatible pods Near Me

Vape Pods Center is proudly selling EonSmoke JUUL Compatible PODS  with 6% salt nicotine in 16 enticing flavors, the EonSmoke JUUL Compatible Device (in black, silver and gold chrome colors)  and eight flavors of heavenly 6.8%% salt nicotine EonSmoke Disposable electronic cigarettes.  

What is nicotine salt?

Nicotine salt is a relatively new composite in e-juice that forms in leaf tobacco. In this process, all the impurities found in tobacco are stripped away, leaving you with nicotine in its pure form. It’s generally considered to be a more stable form of nicotine because it vaporizes at a much lower temperature.

This means that nicotine salts have the ability to offer a smoother vaping experience, allowing you to inhale higher levels of nicotine without feeling a harsh throat hit. Through a high absorption rate, you vape less and use less of your e-juice supply.

This means that with the EonSmoke, JUUL Compatible Product line you can actually start putting some extra savings back into your wallet while increasing your vaping enjoyment and satisfaction.

Are you excited to try something new? Which EonSmoke JUUL compatible pod sounds the most tempting to you? Drop a comment below to join the conversation.


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